What is BOKS?

BOKS (Build Our Kids’ Success) is a FREE physical activity
program that gives kids a body and brain boost to set
them up for a successful day of learning

At Reebok, our obsession is to help people to become their best physically, mentally and socially. We believe through sport we have the power to change lives.


In Canada, only 9% of children are meeting their recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day. What is more, females, new Canadians, and those living in lower-income communities face additional barriers to accessing sport and physical activity. There is a very clear fitness gap, where the rich are getting fitter and low income communities are becoming less healthy. At Reebok we address this gap and are working to close it through our BOKS program.


BOKS’ mission is to empower school communities to improve our children mentally, physically, and socially by strengthening their minds and bodies through movement. Backed by science, BOKS provides each school community with a robust curriculum, training and on-going support to establish and maintain impactful programs serving the whole child. In an effort to close the fitness gap, the BOKS program is 100 percent FREE to schools so that children have access to the extensive health and wellness benefits of sport and fitness no matter their income level.


Please visit our website to learn more about BOKS, and how you can enroll your school in this free program.