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/ November 2021
Nadine Gravis

This Summer Versatile Footwear Was a Must for Stepping Back Into Life

Reminiscing on a summer full of outdoor adventures fueled by the Reebok Nano X1 Adventure and the Floatride Energy 3 Adventure.

With the longer days and warmer temperatures that came with summer 2021 also came the opportunity to get back to the things you love. This might have looked like hitting a trail with friends, enjoying an outdoor group workout, or a long-awaited visit to your favourite coffee shop or restaurant. In short, this summer had everyone on their feet more and presented the opportunity to get outside and reconnect with the people and places you love most. 

Shoes Built for Outdoor Adventures

Versatile footwear was key for fueling those long summer days and nights filled with both high adrenaline adventures and low-key hangs. The Reebok Nano X1 Adventure is a training shoe built for an outdoor adventure and the Floatride Energy 3 Adventure hits the mark as a lightweight performance running shoe, also built for an outdoor adventure. Both shoes stood up to the test, as across Canada, several contributors laced them up for an array of unique outdoor experiences over the course of the summer in and around Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Make sure to add the following incredible outdoor oases to your list for this fall or summer 2022!  

The Nano X1 Adventure in Calgary

It’s no secret that Calgary is a Mecca for outdoor adventures of all kinds. The city itself is home to several unique areas to break a sweat and of course, beyond the city, lies what some would call the most beautiful outdoor playground in Canada--The Rockies. Contributor Kate laced up her Nano X1 Adventures and hit one of Calgary’s most popular outdoor fitness sites known as The Memorial Stairs for an outdoor workout. McHugh Bluff park is home to the wooden stairway that climbs 167 steps high to an elevation of 1,200m and draws fitness enthusiasts from all over the city on a daily basis. While walking or climbing 167 stairs certainly isn’t a walk in the park, the epic views of the Calgary skyline, Bow River, and the famous Peace Bridge make it well worth the effort!

The Nano X1 Adventure on Vancouver Island

With its island vibes and wealth of natural beauty, Vancouver Island has so much to offer when it comes to the great outdoors. Contributor Pat took his Nano X1 Adventures for a spin on a high-intensity trail run on the scenic River Rock Trail at Campbell River. Views of the sparkling Menzies Bay and the Seymour Narrows make hiking or running this trail so much more than just your average outdoor workout and the mixed terrain is guaranteed to bring the heat!

The Floatride Energy 3 Adventure in Toronto

Ontario’s capital city of Toronto may not scream “the great outdoors” at first glance, but if you know where to look, you can find some spectacularly beautiful areas to enjoy outdoor adventures. Contributor Sophia did just that, as she stepped into her Floatride Energy 3 Adventures for a sun-kissed trail run in Rouge National Urban Park. The sprawling 75 square kilometre park located in Scarborough is home to some breathtaking scenery. The weaving Rouge River and the park’s wealth of trails that zig-zag their way through dense forests make this spot a favourite of outdoor enthusiasts. Contributor Sophia hit the Vista Loop Trail for an invigorating run in her Floatride Energy 3 Adventures and loved every minute of it.

The Floatride Energy 3 Adventure in Montreal

What’s better than just an old park? A park with natural beauty and interesting history! Contributor Esther took her Floatride Energy 3 Adventures for a spin in Montreal’s Jarry Park Stadium. This expansive urban park owes its claim to fame to being the former home of the Montreal Expos and features an array of beautiful natural landscapes and recreational facilities. From its artificial lake to its skate park, soccer fields and historic monuments---there is no shortage of things to see and do while enjoying an outdoor running adventure here.
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/ November 2021
Nadine Gravis