Running / April 2017
Filsan Abdiaman

Toronto Running Routes and Reebok Floatride

Toronto has taken the sport of lacing up and running to heart. Running, rapidly growing in popularity, is filling the city with runners and running crews at all hours of the day and night. It can easily be described as a city “running wild”. As an urban runner, that means having to constantly out-maneuver not only pedestrians and cyclists, but other runners too.

Finding an empty running route in the city can sometimes be a daunting task. My solution to this is running in the early hours of the morning. With the spring race season right around the corner, I’m sharing my top 3 running routes in the city:

High Park

I love running through the park not only for the mixed terrain, but also because of the surreal, fairytale-like nature it evokes. The city lights in the distant background filter through the trees lighting up still dark spaces, painting a beautiful shadow over the trails. It makes you feel like you’re the only one (runner) in the city. My favorite part of the park is by the entrance at the intersection of High Park and Parkside. The majestic gates at the entrance signal the start and finish of my runs. They are lighted up and in the dark and this gives off an enchanted atmosphere. Whether it’s running trails, hills or paved surfaces, the park is definitely a good running haven to work on speed, hill training or intervals.


Bloor St West

If I’m looking for a fast flat course, I like to take my runs from the park and run along Bloor St West. Early morning runs have a completely different feel to nighttime running adventures and this is evident when running along Bloor St W. A post-run pint has become a common theme with most running crews in the city and runners that run along the Bloor St W route in the evening have several pub options to choose from. For the early morning runner like myself, however, nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread. With quite a few bakeries located along the route, sometimes, the thought of catching a breeze of baked goodness is enough reason to get me out and running outside.


Martin Goodman Trail

Old-time favorite for most runners, the Martin Goodman Trail is my other choice in the mornings. Starting my runs at the towering gates at High Park road, I at times venture down Parkside, running towards Lakeshore Blvd. Here, the Martin Goodman Trail offers a smooth asphalt surface for runners. Later in the day, it is usually crowded with runners and cyclists, but in the morning, I get to enjoy the incredible scenic view of the city’s CN Tower and Lake Ontario devoid of chaos and congestion. The city is at its quietest at this time and listening to the sounds of the morning birds as I run and watching the sunrise from the Humber Bay Bridge—dubbed “Toronto’s runners bridge”, at the end of the trail, are some of the reasons for running the route.

I find that running has always been a way for me to gain a sense of well being first thing when I get up. It allows me to run and take in all the sites, sounds and smells of the city—as the city sleeps. Running at this early hour allows me to check-in with my body, pay attention to my form and notice any pain/aches I may (or may not) be experiencing. With little distraction, every motion and movement in my step gets my full attention. One thing every runner knows is that in order to enjoy a run you must have the right gear. A good pair of running shoes goes a long way to ensure you have a pleasant run. What this means varies between runners, but the gist of it is a shoe with the right fit, feel and functionality.

A week ago, I had the pleasure of trying out the new Reebok Floatride and I was excited to try them out on my favorite routes. Here are my thoughts:

When I run, I like to choose a shoe that is versatile enough to withstand the different surfaces. Wearing the Floatride as I ran in the park and trails, it was extremely easy to switch between the parks terrains without fear of falling or injuring myself. The shoe has a ridged ripple like grip that offers perfect traction. In addition, its comfortable cushioning at the sole makes for a seamless and effortless run along Bloor St W and the Martin Goodman. I felt it provided just the right amount of stability and structure, something I immediately notice since I tend to pronate. Another great feature of the Floatride is it’s sock-like forefoot, which made it easy to slip on and take off. I found it to be both breathable and supportive. Urban runners can celebrate with this shoe, not only does the Floatride have a great look, it works well on all surfaces and will have runners feeling their fastest come Spring race day.

 The all new Reebok Floatride running shoes are available now for $180 on


Running / April 2017
Filsan Abdiaman